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The Beijing Hour updated 20:00 2013/07/18 - China Plus

Panama has charged the crew of a North Korean ship detained in the country after it was found to be carrying weapons. The charges come just hours after North Korea urged Panama to release the ship and its crew without delay. Panama police found the weapons under stacks of sugar.

The legislation lists a number of exceptions concerning the ban on investment in nuclear and chemical weapons, human cloning, narcotics, activities banned by international agreements to which Georgia is a party, import and sale of petrol/gas containing more than 0.013 grams of lead per litre.

During the review period, Panama ceased to be a CBERA/CBTPA beneficiary upon the entry into force of the United States-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement, on 31 October 2012; and Curacao, as a successor to the Netherlands Antilles, was designated a CBERA/ CBTPA beneficiary in late 2013.

The majority of Turkey's imports comprise raw materials and intermediate goods which feed into the production of higher value-added finished goods for export; the principal items being machinery and equipment (27%), mining (15%), chemicals (13.5%), and a broad range of consumer goods.